RPG Fantasy Action Pack

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  • Includes Dungeon Lords, Gothic 3, and Loki: Heroes of Mythology
  • Over 150 hours of gameplay

Product Description
Dungeon LordsJourney through an enchanted land of ancient castles and dungeons as you engage in real-time tactical combat action against a wide variety of deadly foes. You are the chosen hero armed with mighty weapons and powerful magic.Non-stop game action and exploration with something unexpected around every corner!Intense real-time 3D combat action featuring an arsenal of attack and defense combo moves.Challenge yourself in the thrilling Single Player Campaign a… More >>

RPG Fantasy Action Pack

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The LOKI CD didn’t even load.

The other CD with G3 and DL did…

G3 *seems* ok – possibly could get used to it – have to dumb it down to Easy just to not get killed alot… this is not good. Runs very slow, and loads even slower (I have a decent laptop – dual core, etc.)

DL — see other reviews elsewhere for this “game.” I saved 2 games — the second after not being able to reload from the first slot (I get some kinda slot error that halts everything…). Hence i saved to the second slot – same problem. The version with this RPG multipack deal was titled C1.5 – which presumably means i dont have to download the several patches available — by this point — i dont care – life is too short – this game is going back.

so — even if G3 was ok – the whole scene is a buy 3 to get 1 deal — and my wariness meter is pinging hot at this point anyway.

oh well…
Rating: 1 / 5

The quality of the discs that i recieved were phenomenal. The games are good and will kill time when you cant sleep, rainy day, etc. Gothic 3 has a namazing backstory for someone that loves elder scrolls (where Nords and Orcs are usually fighting side-by-side in elder scrolls, theyre having a war in Gothis 3, which really gives any rpg nerd ants in his pants. Loki is fantastic altogether, and when you feel like youve been the hero/goodguy for far too long, Loki will seriously quench your thirst for evil. Dungeon Lords provides hours of fun for anyone and make a hearty game for dungeons and dragons seem boring. I’m an amateur musician, and I record stuff on a weekly basis. When i come back from practice, restless from excitement, or drained from grueling hours of working with sound equipment and playing rythm guitar, these games rally help me chill. the only thing that bothered me was that the manual was missing, but for $2.82, yes, $2.82, WHO CARES?!. fast shipping, and good quality.
Rating: 4 / 5

This game is easy enough to understand and play but did not have the 1st person graphics I wanted. The graphics were good just not what I expected. It’s quite a long game which means you get your moneys worth. Overall the game is a good play I would recomend it.
Rating: 3 / 5

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