Rune Factory: Frontier

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  • Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to do everything from plowing, shaking hands with townsfolk to strengthen relationships. (also compatible with the Classic Controller)
  • Open-ended play structure allows for Life Sim gaming, RPG action or a mix of both, however or whenever you want it.
  • NPCs come and go and join the game based on player actions. So, be careful to treat them well or they may get upset and leave the town.
  • You are responsible the fertility of the land, so, breathe life into the barren wilderness through cultivation and begin a food chain that attracts larger and rarer creatures.
  • Explore a floating island in the sky full of wonder and dangers.

Product Description
Our hero enters the frontier, where no one dares enter, to cultivate the unforgiving soil. As time passes, his lonely town of one becomes a town of two, three…until it grows into a town to behold! The town is not the only thing to behold. Among the newcomers are beautiful ladies, who have moved to the town to start a new life. Which one will be our hero’s lucky lady? However, our hero is soon faced with a problem. Creatures of the frontier, many of them hostil… More >>

Rune Factory: Frontier

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