Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

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  • Fight effectively from the back of a number of mounts under your control, including ones exclusive to character classes.
  • A 22 square mile, seamless and dynamic fantasy world that allows for free-form exploration.
  • Two parrallel campiagns: Play as the Light or Shadow side, complete with distinct skills, rewards, and story-elements tailored to the chosen path.
  • Six exceptional, playable characters, each with a distinct look, capabilities and in-game motivation.
  • Captivating online modes via PlayStation Network (PSN) challenge gamer’s in cooperative PvP and PvE play.

Product Description
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel features a rich story that takes place in a giant, open-ended and seamless world. This world contains hundreds of dungeons, treacherous opponents and hundreds of challenging quests. Intelligent enemies, steadily adapting in number and difficulty based on player progress, challenge in heroic single and multiplayer Product Description
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is an Action Role-playing Game… More >>

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

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