Shining Force EXA

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  • Combination of real-time action and tactical battle strategies create a unique gameplay experience. Defend the fortress from encroaching beasts and destroy hordes of fearsome enemies in the field.
  • Manage and build your ancient fortress. Build up robot defense squadrons, construct training grounds for elite soldiers, maintain and upgrade shield systems and more.
  • Two playable heroes in one adventure. Battle as Toma, the chosen carrier of the Shining Force sword or Cyrille, a legendary sorceress with mysterious motives.
  • Customizable warriors. There is deeper customization than ever before with hundreds of items and weapons to upgrade your character.
  • Revamped Party AI. Switch out the battle party’s weapons to change the fighting techniques and thus, the course of battle.

Product Description
Shining Force EXA challenges you to unite a planet. A bitter war between two world superpowers has raged on for decades; armies of beasts and demons devastate the people and the land. With both sides deadlocked, two young heroes rise up to begin a heroic journey to stop the fighting and unite the divided world. As either Toma, a talented sword fighter boy, or Cyrille, a cunning female sorceress, you’ll venture into a stunning world of swords and sorcery teeming… More >>

Shining Force EXA

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