Sims 2

Posted by staff | Posted in Role Playing | Posted on 08-08-2011


  • Control your Sims through all of the fully customizable locations – each one unique per platform
  • Create thousands of your own food recipes, clothing designs, potions, inventions, and even personal music tracks and paintings
  • Tell your own stories and directly control your Sims lives to build their worlds, excel in their careers, and fulfill their wants while avoiding their worst fears!

Product Description
The Sims 2 lets you create, customize, and control different neighborhoods as you delve into the mysteries of Strangetown and strive to uncover its secrets. Mind your Sim?s Sanity Meter to save them from a nervous breakdown and connect with other players to trade secrets and play head-to-head mini-games. With The Sims 2 for handheld, now you can take it with you anywhere…. More >>

Sims 2

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