Spectral Force Genesis

Posted by staff | Posted in Role Playing | Posted on 24-02-2012


  • Through the strategic choices the player makes, the game subtly alludes to the various difficulties that arise between different nations and the diplomatic struggles to overcome them.
  • Through interacting with the many characters that inhabit the world, the player will become emotionally engaged in many of the decisions they have to make and feel a sense of responsibility for the consequences.
  • Taking full advantage of the touch pen dual screen nature of the Nintendo DS the game features a tactile control system which is easy to use and incredibly satisfying for the player.

Product Description
Spectral Force makes its first appearance on the Nintendo DS featuring over 150 characters, a high level of strategic gameplay and a truly epic story. It`s quite simply the perfect introduction to the Spectral Force series and the fantasy world of Neverland. Spectral Force is based in the fantasy world of Neverland where humans and demons struggle for supremacy against each other over 40 countries. Each new game in the series adds another page to the history givin… More >>

Spectral Force Genesis

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