Steambot Chronicles

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  • The choices Vanilla makes, the Trotmobiles he builds, and the friends he keeps are all up to gamers — completely open-ended gameplay
  • Sandbox style gameplay offers a fantastic non-linear action adventure – Make your living playing in a band, farming, or even as a Trotmobile arena fighter
  • Customize your gameplay experience – Buy parts to pimp out your Trotmobile, or play music in your own band
  • Earn money by learning to play different instruments on busy street corners
  • Battle over land, sea, and air in your Trotmobile

Product Description
Steambot Chronicles is unique open-ended gameplay and a more polished role-playing experience. Vanilla Beans wakes up to find himself lying on a sun-drenched beach. How did he get there — and who in the world is the girl standing above him? The girl introduces herself as Connie, and Vanilla begins the first busy day of a grand adventure. He’ll take Connie home, meet the other members of her band (the Garland Globetrotters), and explore the town of Nefroburg. When a… More >>

Steambot Chronicles

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