The Guild Universe

Posted by staff | Posted in Role Playing | Posted on 13-02-2012


  • All games and expansions of the magnificent “The Guild” series
  • Combines role-playing, life and economic simulation with unmatched atmosphere and depth thanks to a stunning 3D landscape
  • Public offices and titles of nobility with corresponding privileges ensure rapid social ascension
  • Innovative tactical trading options, intrigues and politics make for great fun – especially when playing with your friends (16 players).
  • Introductory video, Tutorial and Campaign guarantee easy access to the game

Product Description
Launch and administer a prosperous dynasty, master the challenges of your medieval life and start a career as craftsman, patron, scholar or villain. Build up your business, buy goods and houses and confront your competitors. Join the society, get married, be elected mayor or grab hold over the thieves’ guild. Earn or eke out reputation, wealth and power for you and your entire dynasty…. More >>

The Guild Universe

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