The Legend Of Kage 2

Posted by staff | Posted in Role Playing | Posted on 19-09-2012


  • The hit arcade game returns, now on a handheld console for the first time
  • The dual-screen functionality of Nintendo DS injects life into the vibrant game world and its elaborate, action-packed stages
  • Various combinations of Element Orbs allow players to perform an assortment of skills and Ninjutsu techniques
  • Two stories told through two protagonists, both with unique attack abilities, provide twice the adventure for players

Product Description
With the start of the shogun clan Tokugawa’s reign, the long years of bloodshed and strife have come to an end. People expected the peace to last forever. But old resentments from the past had yet to die…Holding a grudge towards Tokugawa, Yoshiro Yukikusa kidnaps Kirihime, the sole priestess, in order to combine his own demonic powers with the priestess’s and overthrow the shogun’s reign. Kage and Chihiro are ninjas of Iga, each on a mission to rescue the … More >>

The Legend Of Kage 2

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