The Lord of the Rings The Third Age

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  • gameplay that expands all three films
  • customize your hero or villain
  • free-roaming gameplay; Explore, take on side quests, and uncover secret characters to join your party
  • Innovative turn-based combat system as you ride horses or Wargs through massive armies
  • Free-roaming adventure as you explore a beautiful and realistic game world

Product Description
Experience the first console role-playing game set in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fabled Middle-Earth universe with The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. In it, players will be able to travel in the wake of the Fellowship with a unique structure that allows them to explore their own path while periodically intersecting with the major events of the films. Encounter the demonic Balrog in the mines of Moria, defend the fallen city of Osgiliath, or try to destroy Helm’s Deep — th… More >>

The Lord of the Rings The Third Age

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I rented this game to check it out after reading reviews. I agree that the gameplay is very similar to Final Fantasy X (turn-based). The turn-based battle system I don’t entirely prefer, but in this game it works well. This game may not take as long to beat than FFX, but I’ve played over 6 hours and only achieved 11% completion.

You get six characters to use, and if you play in co-op mode, player 1 plays the first, third, and fifth characters, and player 2 plays the second, fourth, and sixth characters. Each player can swap characters – player 1 can switch with a player 2 character and vice versa.

I don’t like the fact that only player 1 can assign level-up points to attributes and equip armor, weapons, amulets, etc. Only player 1 can move around the landscape. The only time player 2 gets action is in the battles.

The graphics are incredible, just like FFX. The abilities, spirit powers, and focused skillsets (along with skillsets obtained by equiping certain items) are very well-suited for LOTR. These abilities also look very much different from “Fire” in FFX – instead there are “spirits”. Elemental spirits are an original idea, and look fantastic! All abilities (other than regular attacks) have great animation sequences.

The landscapes in the game are very accurate recreations of the actual moviescapes. Moria looks like Moria (the huge underground city, the fire, the Balrog, goblins), Lothlorien looks like Lothlorien (the stairs round the tree trunks, trees themselves, elven architecture, lighting), the Fellowship’s camp sites look like camp sites (burnt logs, flames, rocks), and Weathertop looks like Weathertop (the watchtower, stone altar).

Although this game could have used another 6 months or so in development to smooth out gameplay and character animations/movement, it’s a revolutionary software title nonetheless!


* Excellent LOTR music

* Excellent LOTR sounds (lots of bass!)

* Excellent graphics

* The first co-op fantasy game like FFX!

* Excellent LOTR themes, textures, environments, characters


* You control the strategy and speed of the battles

* Each piece of equipment changes a character’s appearance

* First game to have Shadow – opposite of Light


* $49.99 price tag


* Turn-based battles (may have been better with Active system)

* The characters move stiffly and roughly

* Player 2 only gets action in the battles

Bottom-line: If you like Final Fantasy (X specifically), and LOTR, rent (or buy) this game and enjoy it!
Rating: 5 / 5

That is just a way to put it. This RPG is a Final Fantasy game played with Tolkien carachters and story. Maybe you are not going to use any of the main carachters of the book, but you will have some encounters with them, and you are going to help them or receive help at certain moments. The game has excellent graphics, especially the environment and background. You decide how to use the experience you are earning in order to build the carachteristics of your carachters. You start playing Berethor, Captain of the Citadel of Minas Tirith you under orders is looking for Boromir. Soon, he ism joined by Idril, an elf woman with great powers under the orders of Lady Galadriel. Carachters you will use include a Dunedain, a Rohirrim warrior and a Rohirrim women warrior. Also, a dwarf is tossed to the mix. Fight orcs, trolls, Nazgul, etc. This game is great for Tolkien fans, reliving most of the issues of Middle Earth. But, if you are not a Tolkien, even better. The story is great, graphics are amazing, and action is awesome. Very easy to learn, especially for RPG players. The carachters have the same carachteristics as in Final Fantasy, minus the Eons. They even have the perfect points attack. You cannot become disappointed with this game.
Rating: 5 / 5

Ok, how to tell you about this game. Well as I said, it’s not just another of the games. It’s a little different.

The graphics are really good. The music is great and the whole environment is great. As for the play, this is one of the best examples of an RPG game if ever I saw one, and I’ve soon a lot, the only one probably better is the Sims.

There are 6 new characters to play as, 4 humans, a dwarf and an Elf. You’ll start as a Gondorian and pick up the other 5 characters as you go, maing your own band of heros following the Fellowship, whom you are always about 5 mins behind, always in their wake. You may have to avoid the same enemies they did as well. At almost every turn there will be a fight signaled by a green screen that pops up to warn you or a little “Eye of Sauron” indicator that lights up as you get closer to danger. All fights are turn-based fighting, pick your weapon of choice and attack, maybe the bad guys will do something, maybe not, then it’s your next players turn and on and on until all bad guys are dead. You can chose to skip players so if someone’s close to dying, it’s a good option. The better you do with chosing your weapons the more points you’ll get and upgrades. This is how the while game progresses, here and there you’ll run into the Fellowship themselves and fight along side them. In Evil Mode, you fight against the Fellowship itself, which I found quite fun. You have to get through the game to play in Evil Mode, then the fun begins, kill the Fellowship. *MWAHAHA* Hey, I thought it was fun.


For any Tolkien fan who’s looking for anything more Lord of the Rings like than what the other 2 LOTR based games were, this will be a rude wake-up. This does not follow the book or movies, so if it’s not what you want, don’t bother with this game. For any flat out Middle-earth-ish, Lord of the Rings-ish fan, this is nice because it gives you another view to a long story with a lot behind it. Actor voice-overs are nice and add to the whole effect. The scenery looks very much like the movie’s backgrounds and here and there you will recognize things from the movie, so it is very pretty. :-)

All in all, if you liked the hand to hand fighting of the Two Towers or Return of the King, you might like this, it’s much more RPG than action, Fellowship of the Ring was RPG and more book based. If action is more you thing, go for the other 2 games. I personally liked Fellowship, Two Towers and Return of the King much better than this, but this is a nice change.

Rent this game before you buy it. It’s definately something you gotta try first.
Rating: 4 / 5

You people you critisize this game don’t realize what an RPG game is! This game has you exploring more openly than Two Towers and Return of the King and the fighting system is turn-based. That is what an RPG game is all about. Third Age is a fun game and its very strategic as well. The spell powers your characters use are awesome! And you can even play on the dark side. Now thats cool! I highly recommend that you buy Lord of the Rings: Third Age!
Rating: 5 / 5

I like the game–really, I do. The characters so far (I’m about 25% through) are entertaining and likeable, and the fight sequences can be a challenge but easy to figure out how to play. The graphics could be better–I swear, the ranger’s hair looks like one matted lump and moves like it, and I’m REALLY tired of the face mask on the dwarf…..

The basic storyline is that a Gondorian knight following Boromir north, an elf from Lothlorien, a northern ranger and his dwarf-friend, and later a Gondorian woman raised in Rohan and a Rohirric man all form their own group, following the fellowship through adventures found in the movies, such as Moria, Rohan, Helm’s deep, and so on.

However, the game makers must have gotten LOTR confused with Dungeons and Dragons or Everquest, because the feel of the game definitely isn’t LOTR! You fight your fair share of goblins, orcs, urikhai, wargs, and other such middle earth creatures, but there is much more magic involved and worse, a whole soap-opera style love triangle story that I find to be irritating myself.

I loved the movies even with the changes made, and I felt that the changes there were in keeping with the Tolkien mythos; this game, however, has many departures that just plain irritate me.

However, if you aren’t a LOTR junkie like me and just want a game that is fun to play and easy to learn, this is definitely it! I’ve never played an RPG before, but I picked this up in minutes and learned the control-sequence quite easy. Its map is a pain at times, however, as it rotates with you and you can never see an overview of it, making it easy to get lost and driving you nuts trying to figure out where to go. But even with that, the game play is fairly fast-paced without being short. As I said, I’ve made it 25% through the game, but the constant battles make the game go quickly–and I haven’t tired of it yet; in fact, I hate quitting it for the night!

Overall, the storyline really needs work, the graphics need work, but the gameplay itself is fun and can keep you entertained for hours.
Rating: 3 / 5

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