Wild Arms 4

Posted by staff | Posted in Role Playing | Posted on 24-03-2012


  • Innovative new HEX battle system unlike anything seen before in turn-based RPGs — easily accessible while providing an amazing amount of speed, depth and strategy
  • Action elements on the field map – From double-jumps to the new Accelerator ability to manipulate time
  • Equip items to solve puzzles – eliminate the boredom of walking and waiting for random battles
  • Inspiring coming-of-age storyline as Jude learns to cope with the harsh realities of the outside world with the help of his newfound friends

Product Description
Wild ARMs 4 invites you to go on a journey through a war-torn world, with the power to either repair it – or destroy it. All his life, a young man named Jude lived in the tiny village of Ciel, until the day a hole was ripped in the sky. That day, a military invasion uncovered a strange and powerful weapon called an ARM. It bonded to Jude and now he’ll have to master it to save his home & people. As he becomes a man in a time of war, he’ll have a chance to put a stop… More >>

Wild Arms 4

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