Falcon 4.0: Allied Force

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  • Pilot three different variants of the F-16 Fighting Falcon.
  • Shoot a variety of air-to-air missiles like the AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-9 Sidewinder.
  • Simulate an entire war with the most advanced and truly dynamic campaign engine ever made for your PC.
  • Participate in cooperative or adversarial multi-player flight over a LAN or internet.
  • Bomb damage may or may not be repaired, depending on enemy resources and command.

Product Description
The legend returns! Falcon 4.0: Allied Force is the most comprehensive and powerful combat flight simulator ever made for non-military use. It’s just like sitting in the real cockpit. Features incredible attention to accuracy and simulation fidelity. Enhanced with new features and a new theater of operations covering the Balkans and Korean Peninsula…. More >>

Falcon 4.0: Allied Force

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This game/sim is great fun. It has a truly dynamic campaign, which means that your actions do impact the outcome. There isn’t another game out there where there is so much going on “in the background” that, aside from playing the game, you can see and use to impact on how you play the game.

I’m no kid, so I don’t have time to learn many complex features or learn how to do it on a real F-16. So, while you can have all of the true to life features/requirements of the real jet if you want, you can also scale those down to simplified avionics, etc. There are about 30 training missions with specific instructions on completing them, which cover the major aspects of handling the jet.

As for documentation, if you do want to do all of the “realism” options, you can get plenty of reading material as there is a 716 page .pdf manual).

I would recommend this highly.
Rating: 5 / 5

It Took 7 Years but anyone who remembers when Falcon 4.0 came out in 1998 will have two distinct memories. One of which it being the most realistic Combat flight sim and the Buggiest.

After Numerous patches and things going from bad to worse, most people in the community gave up on the sim. Now 7 Years later not only are all the Bugs gone But graphics and gameplay is improved. Falcon 4.0:Allied Force took all the best of the previous patches and added them in to make this sim what everyone dreamed it could be. Lead Pursuit spent thousands of hours fixing tweaking and testing the Sim to make a flawless game where you can fly on the korean map or Balkans.

With photorealistic terrain and cockpits that look so real its almost hard to believe that your flying a sim. The AI Has also been improved so those hours you spent in the air in real time could end in disaster if your not too careful.

This Sim is not for those who just want a Arcade like sim to play as hey will be bored. Getting to your destination can take 30 minutes or more depending on your starting base. Waypoints must be followed, Aircraft refueled and objectives met and carried out while getting back to your base in one piece and landing. Sounds tough? It sure is and fun. Think about those military simulators the Air force have worth millions, and give it a smaller screen and much smaller price tag and you Get Falcon 4.0 :Allied Force.

Rating: 5 / 5

This game is NOT i repeat NOT a ‘game’. it is a simulation. This simulation is not for you if you dont plan on spending hours reading the 700 pages of manual included. I do not mean to presuade you agaisnt the game, i am just warning you in advanced so you are no dissapointed.

Now, with that aside, the game. The game is, well, accurate. And when I say accurate, I mean every last button, knob, lever, swith, and warning light is included, all of which are fully functional. The radar systems are all 100% accurate (not the ‘Gods eye’ view of the entire battlefield as in ace combat 4 ect.) The radar and all of it’s submodes are complex. I’m not going to lie. But after some practice, they will become second nature. Learning how to call up and use all of the differnt weapons is also a challenge you mujst overcome. From targeting a Maverick, to firing your rocket pod, each weapon is completey unique and accurate to the extreme. Air to Air combat is also somewhat of a challenge, and accurately delivering your Air to Ground muntions takes a steady hand and ample skill.

Now it may seem like I am degrading the game. But after a few weeks, or maybe a few months, you begin to understand how that radar sumbmode works. You begin to understand how to target your LGB’s with success. You begin to understand how to re-fuel while in flight(which can be a NIGHTMARE!) Once you begin to understand all of the complex feautres on the f-16, the game becomes very enjoyable. It is very rewarding. The campaign is AWESOME. The online dogfighting is AWESOME. Nothing can replace the feeling you have after landing your damgaed Falcon with an empty fuel tank after dropping 2,000lbs worth of bombs on your enemy and destroying 2 MiG-21’s in the process. It is just wondeful.

In conclusion, you must dedicate yourself to this sim. Dont become discuraged, because the learning curve here is GIGANTIC! Just take your time, review what you have learned, and in no time you will be the best pilot in the sky.
Rating: 5 / 5

As a big fan of the original Falcon 4.0, I was a little bummed out that it was not going to run very well on my new Windows XP machine. I would have to deal without it…until Allied Force. F4:AF is the game to defibrillate the Falcon 4.0 series. However, casual flight simmers should beware – this game is, just like its predecessor, is very in-depth and can be quite hard to grasp. If you’re not a die-hard flight sim person, I would suggest items like Microsoft Flight Simulator. Short of the steep learning curve – F4:AF is incredible. The physics, models, and graphics are all top-notch, but what will get you is the realism. If you’re into realistic high-end flight simulators…this is the game for you.
Rating: 4 / 5

With a “newbie” 100+ page printed manual, a 700+ page PDF manual, as well as “easy” modes for avionics and flight, this game will allow newbies to get into the hardcore flight simulation arena with ease. Training missions are provided with step-by-step instructions in the manuals that will get new users used to the feel of flying an F-16 Fighting Falcon jet. And then the training will proceed to get you fighting in an F-16.

Although this genre has, in the past, catered directly to the “button-pushers”, Falcon 4: Allied Force succeeds in bringing in new gamers with a gradual learning curve, while still maintaining that high level of realism as an option. There is something satisfying in learning step-by-step, bit-by-bit, just how to fly a complex piece of machinary like the F-16. And with gradual “realism” settings, you can work up to flying as realistic as a PC simulation can get.

I’m recommending this game to all those sick of shoot em up games who are ready for a real challenge of skill and intelligence.
Rating: 5 / 5

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