Industry Giant: A Business Simulation

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Industry Giant: A Business Simulation

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I enjoy this game. It’s definately worth $20. The game features a basic landscape with small cities (to sell goods) and factories (to purchase supplies). Your job is to build roads, railroads, airports and harbors to transport the raw materials to a factory that you build where it gets converted into a finished product that you then cart off to a shop in the city. The selling price of the goods can be altered, this in turn alters the number of units you can sell in a particular shop every month. If you oversupply a store, it stockpiles. The factories and shops are divided into several industries with each industry capable of producing several different items. As time goes on, better goods (more expensive) can be produced. The different goods require different raw materials, but almost every industry can use most of the raw materials in some combination to build something.

The economic model is very simple. As best as I can tell, every building contains so many people and a store has a certain range of people to sell to. This in addition to the cost of the goods sold determines the number of units people will buy. Every unit is sold at this price. Supplies are purchased at a fixed price and transportation is based on moving equipment and length traveled. It seems fairly well balanced with the ability to make money early in the game. The challenge can be found in balancing supply, demand, and transportation.

The game has several faults that make gameplay slightly annoying. You can’t specify where goods go when offloading from the moving equipment, instead every factory/store within the docks radius gets a fraction of the goods if it demands the goods. This doesn’t work well when two factories demand the same raw materials but in different ratios. They quickly begin to stockpile unnecessary materials that you’ve already bought.

This is a fairly simple game with a simple concept that can be highly addictive as you try to set up one more industry and supply the city with one more service.
Rating: 3 / 5

industry Giant is a game where you starta business making, transporting, and selling your product. You can make toys, electronics, hardware, etc.; transport using boats, trains, airplanes, and buses; and You sell at retail stores in town.

But this game feels chessy, is unrealistic, and very limiting. I am not a big Graphics freak, but these just look extremely cheesy and fake looking. The vehicles also move unrealisticly.
You can build several types of products, but it is limiting, especially when compared to Capitalism 2.

The Techno music and cheesy sound effects are lame and unimpressive. Although good business strategy don’t really need a whole lot of sound effects, I’d be nice if the didn’t sound this [junk].

The gameplay interface is okay though. building stuff is fairly simple and so is assigning a vehicle or factory to do something. Most Business simulations have decent interfaces, and this game is no exception, but it is by no means great.

All in all, there are other games out here with very similar aspects, but are, well, better. You can download the older but superb Transportaion game off the internet called Transport Tycoon. You could also but Capitalism 2 for Twenty bucks, and that will cover you urge to build and sell something. Capitalism 2 is a much more in depth game that anyone who enjoys simulations should like. Take a look at on
Rating: 2 / 5

If you ever wanted to expirence running your own business this is the game you want. Although it gives you a realistic situations, etc. It gets too boring way too fast. Its the exact same thing over and over again, there isnt any variety to the game and I believe that the company that made this game rushed to get it out. Its too bad because this game could be awesome with some missions or something else along those lines.
Rating: 3 / 5

All in all, the game is worth about 3 hours of fun play. The idea is good (I am considering getting Railroad Tycoon Gold next) if you like business/transpo sims, but they could have done better with the variability of the gameplay. There are only about 8 industries you can go into (toys, electronics, paper products, building materials, furniture, jewelry, cars, sports equipment) with an average of about 4 products in each. The most strategy you engage is where you put the stores and factories, not how you run them.

On the plus side, it is easy to learn and master (a little too easy), and the transportation system is easy enough to understand. The graphics aren’t bad but really aren’t great compared to what you can get nowadays.

On the down side, there isn’t much left to do after you start making millions each year an hour into the game. I didn’t really like playing with the competetors, since it really limits your space and resources, but playing without them is an easy win because there are no limits on your progress that make it challenging without computer players.

So after a few hours, it was build another factory, build another store, build another truck stop, make more money, etc etc etc.

Also, you can’t get inside your factories in the sense that there are no hiring of workers or time constraints (you can make 100 cars in a split second if you have the resources, which is unrealistic). You are limited only by the resources on the map (so you know exactly where your ceiling is, and you can’t go around it…takes the mystery out of life).

If it was 1995, I would say get it. Nearly a decade later, get something else. You can do better.
Rating: 2 / 5

This version is unchanged from the release a couple of years ago by Interactive Magic, except to make it more Windows Me friendly. The game itself is repetitive and boring. After 90 minutes, you will have seen all there is to see and be frustrated by the sameness of everything. I love the subject matter this game is about; if you do, too, I recommend trying to find Transport Tycoon, Capitalism Plus, or even Railroad Tycoon II.
Rating: 1 / 5

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