Innocent Life: A Future Harvest Moon

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  • Grow crops and raise animals in this futuristic world
  • Unlock the secrets of the ancient ruins as you interact with the villagers
  • Explore the island, by walking or ATV one of many high-tech tools at your disposal

Product Description
Dr. Hope, an old scholar lives on an island in the southern hemisphere. You are his son and your father has set you on a journey to the ancient ruins to try and run a farm. With technology being as advanced as it is, many have forgotten what it is like to grow something or take care of a living animal. It is your father’s dream that you will unlock the secrets of the ancient ruins and find the meaning of “life”. Grow crops, care for livestock, interact with the many… More >>

Innocent Life: A Future Harvest Moon

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I love Harvest Moon games. In fact, I bought a PSP just so that I can play this game. IL has many new and fun aspects to it, but it feels like it was made for kids below 7. It’s waaaay too easy. You’ll propably finish most of the quests before the end of the second spring and then sit and twiddle your fingers in total boredom. You’ll also have millions in your account but nothing to spend your money on.

The good side: New story idea – set in the future – exploration – strange fungi is a super idea – lots of stuff to gather – flexible menu system.

The bad side: I hated the useless dog and couldn’t get rid of it – the animals were a pain so I got rid of them – the game’s not challenging/ I mostly went to bed at 8:00 AM to skip the boring days – the stupid bell that rings five times a day and freezes your screen – getting items out of the storage box and seed box can be frustrating – mining is a pain, since your screen freezes for several seconds everytime you find something to give you a lengthy explanation (repeated hundreds of times!)

The bottom line is: It can be entertaining for a short time, but don’t expect too much from it.
Rating: 3 / 5

it’s hard to say if this is the best one yet, because many of us still love the classical farm scenario that Harvest Moon series is best known. Innocent Life still provides that and MUCH MORE. First, it is set in the future! That means a lot more awesome tools are available to you. There are many more events, characters, tools and options. In addition, you get a whimsical “sidekick” robot, which can relieve you from the sometimes tedious farm work, such as endless watering. You even get a sense of mass-production having such a robot. As you can see from the cover, you even get a “buggy” car! That tells you how large this map gets compare to the old ones. Yes, there is really a world to explore in this one. Now that “explore” seems to me a brand new option to the series. You can now travel in caves, on desert, and by river. Honestly, I really enjoyed discovering some of the funky pieces that certain artistic character creates all over the map. What is better? The farm boy you play has quite a few secrets to be unlocked too. I would say this is the best Harvest Moon yet, over all.
Rating: 4 / 5

Sure, you still grow crops but this Harvest Moon game definately has a little something different — And it’s hard to find!

The game felt a little slow at times.. 35 days in the first month I just wasn’t expecting. Money comes very easy, at least in the PSP version. If you spend time talking to people you’ll be gifted with seeds that would be very expensive to purchase right in the beginning, but rake in the dough.

There isn’t a lot of explination with every aspect of the game, but in a way that’s part of what makes it neat. You start off as a pet project; a robot that your maker is trying to make as human as possible. And even though technology keeps everyone fed just fine, your maker feels that running a traditional farm will teach you the values of life, and in the end save the little island that everyone lives on.

Exploring will reveal a moss that has interesting properties for your farm when placed in the fields. You get a robot helper that lets you further explore by taking care of the farm while you are away.

There are a lot of TV channels that actually involve the game. It’s not just the weather anymore.. but the channels lead to events in the game.

You could always plant flowers in many of the harvest moon games, but this ones makes it slightly more involved. Most can be harvested multiple times, they bloom in random colors for their species, and you have to call in how many you have blooming. Then an outside company will come and cut the flowers for you, and pay you later that day.

The graphics are nice, and the sound in pleasant.

All in all it’s another to add to my collection. it’s fun and unique while still being “just a farming game” that my bf loves to pick on me for. :-p
Rating: 4 / 5

Let me just preface my review but stating that I am 43 years old and have been playing video games since the invention of Pong back in the ’70s and have progressed through Intellivision, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, PC Games, PSP and Wii. I object to the reviewer from UAE who thought Innocent Life was too easy and made for children. I consider myself to be of above average intelligence naturally and very well educated. This means nothing with regard to video games since they require the ability to think beyond normal boundaries while acknowledging them. This is generally easier for children to do because they haven’t been totally indoctrinated into the world of order and restrictions like adults. If this had been what the reviewer from UAE meant, then I would have agreed; however, it seems more likely that he/she intended to assert that the game was simplistic and too easy. Maybe it was for him or her but is wasn’t for me. In fact, I still haven’t finished it and I’ve owned it since Christmas 2007. Of all my PSP games, Innocent Life is my favorite.

It is beautifully drawn with great colors but is actually quite complex. Managing my days, months and seasons in Innocent Life are a challenge. So much so that I had to download a walkthrough for assistance and still find it challenging to care for my crops, talk to neighbors, upgrade my tools and search for goodies. Regardless, I just love this game and have given it 5 stars. My only problem is that I would love to play it on either my PC/MAC or TV as the PSP makes my hands cramp. Once again I’m 43 and could be developing some arthritis or a repetitive motion disorder. I have tried the Harvest Moon game for the Wii but somehow, Innocent Life on the PSP seems more vibrant with greater functionality. Do I want to see more games like this? Absolutely, I just wish RPG/SIM games were available with the same graphics quality and scope of actions as Innocent Life on PSP but made for the Wii. I have Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility and Rune Factory Frontier for the Wii and they are great but Innocent Life is better.
Rating: 5 / 5

This is my first harvest moon game and ive been interested in playing them all but i havnt found the money or time to get any…but this was on sale at my job and my friend told me that it was worth it so i gave it a shot.

overall its been alot of fun. the game progress seems alittle slow and if yuou miss an important event, like i did, it really can screw you up. the most annoying thing i found about this game was watering all the plants at first because your first watering can hardly holds any water. and walking everywhere gets old. but once you get your buggy and robot it speeds things up.

i liked the game and am looking forward to playing the other harvest moon games.
Rating: 4 / 5

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