Lion: A Wildlife Simulation

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Lion: A Wildlife Simulation

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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a lion, have a pride, hunt wildebeast, battle blood thirsty hyeanas, see elephants and evade poachers? Well if you have, this is the game for you. I found this simulation exciting and easy to play. It’s an old game, so the graphics aren’t stunning but the idea is good enough to make up for it. You can hunt, roam and mate. (though I haven’t had good luck with that, the game realistic side makes it hard) The music changes with the time of day, and is always exciting. There are also mission you can do such as find your wandering cub, escape the poachers or purloin one of the massai’s cattle. I found all of these challenging and amusing. In free play mode, you just get to be a lion, just roaming forever doing nothing in particular. There is a skip time feature in free play which can come in handy, but your lion will get dehydrated and hungry. Also, the world isn’t just one repeating scene of terrain. It’s huge and always changes as you travel. Over all I’d give this game 4.5 stars. The only feature that keeps it from being five is the fact its so realistic having cubs is nearly impossible.
Rating: 4 / 5

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