The Sims 2

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  • Each Sim has their own DNA — take your Sims through generations and evolve their family tree
  • Fulfill your Sims’ dreams – Do they want a life of family and romance? Great knowledge? Fame and fortune? Whatever they want, it’s in your hands to get it for them
  • Take your Sims to all-new extremes – They’ll get arrested, see ghosts, marry an alien or write a great novel
  • All new Create-A-Sim for unlimited creativity – design a Sim, their house, even their entire neighborhood
  • New in-game movie camera lets you watch the game from a whole new angle

Product Description
The Sims 2 is an incredible sequel to the best-selling game! You’ll get to direct an entire Sims’ lifetime, trying to help them reach their goals in life. Will they have a long, successful and happy life – or will they end up poor and heartbroken?… More >>

The Sims 2

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Well finally The Sims 2 has reached PS2. I ran and got mine yesterday. Before I knew it, it was 1AM and I was still playing! The game has been totally enhanced from the previous PS2 version. The graphics are much better and more pronounced. The create-a-Sim option is just wonderful. You’ll enjoy that.

The only thing I don’t like is that you can NO LONGER have children in the game. The PC version of the Sims 2 does have that option. And it is terrific – from the morning sickness to the baby’s arrival. You can even hire a Nanny! But it is sorely missing here in the PS2 version.

It’s a great game for a rainy day or when the snow comes and your indoors. But don’t be like me and play on a weeknight, when you’ve got a meeting the next morning at 8AM! As I said earlier, this game is highly addictive, but still a lot of fun. If the developers read this, and I hope they do, I enjoyed the game a lot. But leaving out the children option was a big mistake. You can still marry, but no visit from the stork.

A great game however, and I highly recommend it to all! Hopefully, if there is a Sims 3 for PS2, they’ll be wise enough to put the children back into the game — morning sickness and all.

Rating: 4 / 5

I’m up to the 4th location. The luv boat.

The houses are much more versatile and the wall papers and floors have an attractive selection. My favorite part of the previous Sims PS2 game was designing the houses, so this new feature is a big plus for me. The house designing holds you back with fire codes. Can’t spend too much simoleons in one house.

The default characters are hotter this go round. I think maybe the game mfg was looking to reach a Baywatch type audience. You can make same sex couples ‘make out’, which I get a big kick out of. I was able to get Felicity and Farrah to ‘cuddle’ and make ‘woo hoo’.

New socializing options are added, but you have to get the Sim in the right mood, and you never know when you’ll be rejected. “boo hoo”.

I married Felicity, but she decided to be my best friend instead, the romance options stopped being available to make-out with her.

So, I started the whole game over and I’m not marrying Felicity this time, even though she keeps weeping around the house. I married Timmy this time. He’s pretty easy going, so I’m happy in my new marriage. The first character you marry follows with you through all the locations. Timmy is in the Law Enforcement career track and he brings in a comfy simoleon paycheck.

The game gives the characters ‘Aspirations’ to achieve to unlock Buy objects and locations. I have an aspiration to ‘Propose’ to Ossie, but the option never comes up in the menu. The ‘Aspiration’ generator is somewhat aware of the choices you make. It keeps telling me to ‘Hire’ a maid, even though I’ve already hired her, so I have to Fire her to Hire her, or I could wait for the next location to open up. Keep the lass working. Though sometimes I catch her falling asleep on her feet. Work, maven, work!

The Buy catalog has interesting new ‘fun’ objects. I’ve gone through half of them, remember Air Hockey? The Jukebox has some trendy pop songs, sung in Sims language. “yoesh” “un shack boney”

My biggest complaint with this game is that there is a couple ‘Bugs’ in the program. Once I unlocked the second location my group meals disappear 80 percent of the time. I keep it on the screen to watch it and it still disappears. I don’t know if it supposed to be a ghost stealing the food? But its soooo annoying. I want my cooking to be appreciated by my guests.

Preparing meals is greatly enhanced in this version. The better frigerators have more food options and you can buy plants to grow fruit and vegetables and you can now fish for dinner in the fish tank. Sometimes characters throw up and/or go running for the toilet. It’s funny to see them do the pee pee walk.

So, far I’ve restarted the game 3 times, when the story line locked me in, supposedly you can get divorced, but I haven’t managed to make it happen. I had a 100pt relationship with Torin, but then I was supposed to make him my arch enemy. I like Torin!

It takes much longer to build up skills. So, I started over to max out all my skills before getting a job.

Missing from this version: I miss Mom, in the last game I had her building Gnomes like crazy, they erected a statue in her honour. And I miss the Pizza delivery guy. I’m rather happy there are no kids this time. And I miss the swimming pool!

Is Maxis going to read this? Suggestion: add pets to the next game. What’s a Sim without a doggy companion? apirations, sleep, eat, chew shoes.

A couple of new addendums (as of Dec 15 2006)

I’m married to Timmy and he was following me to all the locales. We were on the HMS Amore and Betty kicked him out. He no longer travels with me.

At the Mesa Canyon, Ossie was hanging out. I asked him to move in with me , so now he follows me through locations.

I’ve encountered a bug. Jasmine in Mesa Canyon has a gold want of gaining a Creativity Skill point, But; her Creative Skills are maxed out. I don’t how to unlock the next location. I’ve tried calling the Therapist, it hasn’t helped. What’s a Sim to do now?
Rating: 4 / 5

The Sims 2 is an incredible game! The PC version, that is.

But the Playstation 2 version? Guess what? This is NOT the Sims2.

No matter what the title may be, this is an unbelievable farce.

Let me tell you this for a fact; Sims 2 on PS2 is complete rubbish. There have been plenty of products that I have ridiculed on Amazon but I have always been aware that they are only my opinions and everyone has different tastes.

But I want anyone who is considering this game to know that what I am telling you about it is not an opinion.It is a straight fact.This game is… (a word Amazon will probably block, that starts with c and ends with p and has 4 letters)

It is nothing like the real Sims 2, and it is less interesting than any other SIms game ever.

The Create A Sim area involves a few small drawings of tops, skirts and pants.Apparently you can be a fashion designer!Oh sure, long sleeves or short sleeves?Collar up or collar down?How exciting.

The body and face maker is lesser than even the first Sims, you won’t be able to see what you are doing anyway and no matter how you “morph” them, they stay looking the same.Plus, they don’t even look real.They are ugly.

Story mode?Forget it. How fun it is to fulfill your sims needs that include Take A Shower. (Not!)

All while your ridiculous looking sim runs around like a lunatic as the useless creation that it is.

Free play mode?What the hell?? The SIms 2 is supposed to be about creating family trees.They can not even have children!!!

There are about 2 familes (but they aren’t really families, there are no actual families) and there’s space for you to create two more lots of roommates.

The build mode looked like a migrainne, while the buy mode was absolutely pathetic, with teensy child-like drawings.Very few too.

Thsi game is expensive but reeks of amateurishness. You will have more fun with a 2 dollar toy.

(And please note that this review is coming from an extreme Sims fan)

Maxis needs to aplogize to anyone who waited for The Sims 2 to come to console, and anyone who spent money for or recieved this ghastly piece of cow dung.

I have really really liked the Maxis gang for a while, very grateful for what they have done with the original Sims 2.

But now, Maxis, you owe us. Big time. To start with, can I have my money back?

It baffles me why they have made such an honestly horrible game.Do not buy it!

If you have been dying to play the Sims 2, I suggest the computer game.I know it has steep system requirements but I managed to purchase a new computer and I don’t have much money.SO it can be done, if you want the (real) SIms 2 as badly as I did.

The computer game is truly fantastic but the console version is a nightmare created in the bowels of Hell.

Rating: 1 / 5

I so wish I had read these reviews before I asked for The Sims 2 for Christmas. I was so happy when I got it and couldn’t wait to play it. I had so much fun with the Sims on PC but it took up so much of my computer I had to take it out. I figured finally I could get my Sims fix without a major system freeze, yea right. I totally agree with everything everyone has said about the Sims2 for PS2! It is awful! I too miss being able to call for pizza. And what is with the no kids stuff? How can you create a family with no kids? They can marry as many people as they want at the same time and I have 2 Sims who have aspirations of cuddling in bed with THEMSELVES! How do you fulfill that? Sometimes in the socialize mode the two Sims will start talking, but no sound comes out until a few seconds into it, then it’s like watching a badly dubbed Godzilla movie. I thought I was stupid because it took me two days to figure out the controls! Good luck seeing what the little drawings are in the create a Sim mode. I have to click each item to put it on my Sim just to see what it looks like. Needless to say changing clothes is a major time consumer. I hate it, I’m sorry I asked for it and I too want my husbands money back. I should have asked for an upgrade on my computer and stuck with the PC Sims2. Steer clear of this waste of time.
Rating: 1 / 5

Before I say anything the 2 stars were for 1) pity on Maxis and 2) The so much better than the first graphics/sound (for PS2, at least).

Okay, here we go.

I bought this at the local Wallyworld expecting second story houses at the very least. Boy was I wrong. It was rather cheap for a new release… $43. I thought I had just found a good buy or something. So I get home and am suddenly in a trance because of the wonderful sound and graphics. But I should have remembered not to judge a book by its cover. Soon I looked for aspirations… Only 5 aspirations. The computer has A LOT more than that (I play it at my friends house) but I figured it was to conserve space. No big deal. Going to bulid my house was an absolute pain though. Next thing… I’m used to the ‘fire code’ (The Sims 1 for PS2 had something similar but things didn’t burst into flames, that’s just stupid) but I thought that unlocking MAIN points for the game was ridiculus. (EX You have to unlock the vibrating bed for the romantic aspirations, which took a lot of calls to the threapist to change my goals) So I tried Story Mode, hoping to get everything unlocked for easy freeplay-ness.

It all went down hill from there. Two weeks I spent trying to unlock everything when I decided to try freeplay with most of everything unlocked but… apparently you have to unlock everything ALL OVER AGAIN in freeplay. Two weeks wasted.

Forty-three dollars down the toilet.

And Story Mode didn’t even have a real story to it… If it did I REALLY didn’t understand it.

But if you want a modernish version of the Sims 1 for PS2, by all means go for it. But be warned… No children, teens, or eldery excist in this world, as the computer counter part has. Only middle-aged.

What kind of world is that?
Rating: 2 / 5

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