Big Beach Sports

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  • Fun Single Player Mode: Hone your skills in the single player beach tournament
  • Competitive MultiPlayer Mode: Play against friends in family in 6 different sports
  • Innovative Gameplay Mechanics: Fully utilizes the innovative use of Wiimote for both casual and more advanced gameplay
  • Customization on DS: Personalize your characters in the game through an export to Nintendo DS
  • Wide Selection of Sports: From beach soccer to disc golf, these new Will sports will attract a wider audience

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Big Beach Sports

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I just bought this game. This game is simply astounding, way to go to the company that made this. Beach Volleyball and Cricket are my favorites so far. Amazing Volleyball dynamics, you feel right in the game. Mostly I have played this game as a single player but when my friends have come over they love it as well. I think the part that is better than Wii Sports more challenging, It’s an excellent Party Game! It’s more interactive than Wii sports. I strongly recommend this game, and at $30 cheaper than most Wii games and certainly more fun!
Rating: 5 / 5

This game shows it’s commitment w/overall intuitive controls considering the restriction of the wii ability & the best ideas: as little players as possible so feels more 1st person & when there’s only 2, you control them both. it has different levels of play (have to be unlocked through play), you can decide how many points/goals to win a game, the length of time of a game for all the games & other options. There is a skill point system overall tally for each of the 6 sports to earn you to higher difficulties & stickers like awards like birdie blitz & soaring eagle for disc golf, palms of steel for volleyball, long ranger for soccer, enforcer for bocce (hitting the jack). You can decide left/right handed, good amount of customization of your characters. Each time they win, they never speak, so they do an old school 90s dance, one even looks like from Rerun (show What’s Happening). The only sounds are boring background looped music beat & cheering crowd which helps a lot though wish there was more. There are also sounds from the remote, say every time you hit the volleyball.

Volleyball – you control both players on your team, good control, good timing, one of the best volleyball on wii considering the constraint of control, how hard you swing actually makes a difference.

Disc golf – good controls, good aim, 3 different ways to throw, painfully dull courses Super monkey ball’s disc golf has better course.

Bocce – good control/aim, how hard you swing makes no difference, much faster & more interesting then slow moving shuffleboard on game party.

Cricket – like baseball on wii sports, good controls, I had no problems, how hard you swing makes a difference, I found it pretty good, one of the best & not too slow watching the players move on their own after you throw/bowl or at bat.

Football – hard to learn control scheme since not as intuitive, little buggy as well, though great idea only 2 players per game & cute

Soccer – four players on each team, you don’t control the goalie, just a lot of passing & deciding when to shoot for goal, boring.

None of these will get your heart rate going like wii sports except on a arcade game level.

I think this title went in the right direction, but needed more polishing & new wii motion plus should really help things next year for the new titles. Adding the wii board as an option for sport games should also be an option.
Rating: 3 / 5

So I bought this game only because of the disc golf. I dislike the other games anyway so in fairness this review is about the use of the disc golf game not the other games in this package.

The controls could not be more straight forward, you throw as you would think and you just hold down the A button, judging the distance and power take some getting used to, but so goes real life. The harder you throw in reality the harder the simulation throws, even tilting the controler at an angle makes a little tiny difference on right and left gliding dics.

The only problems I have found is there is only one course with 18 holes. I can’t wait for a multi-course disc game to come out.

Now my pervious review stated that you could not flick throw, I was wrong. This weekend I got drunk and pressed a button and I was flick throwing and hammer throwing. So leave your character in the hand you play with and press the (1) button. Once for flick and twice for hammer. It works pretty well. For right handed players (which I am) a back hand will fade right and a flick will fade left, a hammer goes straight.

I give this game 4 stars because nothing is perfect and it’s a lot of fun. Have your TV up high and stand up.
Rating: 4 / 5

We rented this game before buying, and I’m really glad that we did. Our family really loves playing live volleyball and other beach games. We were pretty disappointed.

First we went to create our character. The graphics for creating the character made it difficult to understand what menu items went to what.

After taking forever to create our character (which, no matter what you did to it looked like a fat, football player), we headed to the volleyball game. The instructions were adequate. We started the game, and it was okay, but not very physical. It was probably the best of all the games we tried. The music that played throughout had a beach feel, but became verrry annoying. We ended up turning the volume way down.

We tried cricket. Aside from not understanding the rules because, lets face it, I’m American, I had a big problem with the game responding to my commands. I would swing, and the game would not recognize my swing. I would throw (excuse me, bowl) the ball and the game would not respond very well. Compared with Wii Sports golf and baseball, cricket was very slow and clunky.

We had the same type of experience with the frisbee golf.

We tried soccer. I think soccer would be a fun arcade-type game. It has a lot of different moves that seemed fun with the remote, but it was not much of a physical game.

We were so frustrated with the other games that we didn’t even try them.

Overall I would say that the games weren’t realistic, but I could understand how an experienced gamer might like some of the games for arcade-type play. We wanted physical activity. I think we’ll buy a different game for that.

Rating: 2 / 5

The Wii Big Beach Sports game has given us many hours of entertainment. We love football and soccer the most. We still haven’t quite figured out the rules for Cricket! The Disc Golf is a little to easy. Overall I’m sure most family’s will find this game enjoyable.
Rating: 5 / 5

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