Rune Factory 2 Official Strategy Guide

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A Fantasy World of Survival and Exploration! You awake to find yourself in a new land with no memory or who you are. With the aid of friends you must try to discover your purpose and begin a new life. In order to make your way in Alvarna, you will need to befriend your neighbors, build and develop a farm, grow crops, train monsters, and enhance your skills in order to explore the land and discover its secrets.   Comprehensive Walkthrough! Learn how t… More >>

Rune Factory 2 Official Strategy Guide

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Without a doubt, the worst strategy guide I’ve ever had. And I’ve been a gamer for many years. Here’s the problems:

1. I’ve found so much incorrect information that I’ve lost count.

2. Badly written – several sections don’t even introduce what the section is about, so the reader is left to try and figure it out for themselves. In some sections, the writer seems to have A.D.D. – mid-paragraph the topic will change and go off on a tangent.

3. The guide is most remarkable in the information that has been left out. There is not even a good explanation of the differences between the two stages of the game – and given that I’m still in the first stage, I have no clue what I should be preparing for.

4. The guide badly needs a comprehensive monster guide. All it has is a partial list of some of the monsters that can help on the farm, and even this has incorrect information. It also looks as though there is forgotten information, because some monsters have pictures, and some don’t.

The guide has some good points, and they are:

1. The requests guide – concise and informative, even if some information is incorrect.

2. The chapter on getting through the first day is great. With any Harvest Moon game, getting the layout of the town is the most difficult when you have such a short time to figure it out. By the time I finished the chapter on the first day, I had a good understanding of where everything is.

3. I haven’t got to the second stage of the game yet, but it looks as though the classes section might be useful.

I would somewhat recommend this guide, despite the numerous problems, because some of the sections are good. But be aware that this guide is far from being the only source you’ll need – you’ll need to get on the internet too.
Rating: 2 / 5

Agree with Rose M.J. review. The first Rune Factory Book had a better walk through and provided better tips. Had I seen a preview, I would not have purchased. Since, I found better tips from forums players on
Rating: 2 / 5

This book is sooo lacking. It’s missing many of the people’s likes and dislikes, and worst of all, it’s missing a good monster guide.

The whole reason I wanted this guide was so that I did not have to run around spending hours trying to figure out what monster drops what in order to make the items I needed/wanted. Not to mention the wasted time, effort, and feed used to figure out what monsters are best to take with me into the caves…

I gave it two stars only because this guide is at least helpful for figuring out where the characters will be at certain times during the day, as well as being pretty good at explaining how to beat the quests. However, a monster guide is much more important than either of those things.
Rating: 2 / 5

As M.J. already stated, this guide is very poorly done. Some information is incorrect, the layout is terribly inefficient (using paragraphs to convey some data that would be far more easily given in table form, and the dungeon sections are a mess), the inclusion of artwork is inconsistant (Leonel, Sera, and Serena’s pictures are missing, as are most of the monsters), and some sections are incomplete: the crafting sections do not include stats on the weapons/accessories/potions/food, the monster info excludes item drop data, there is no profit table for crops (or even a table telling how long each crop takes to grow/regrow), and some item names are inconsistant throughout the guide (Sweet Potato-Yam, Daikon Radish-White Radish, Maiden Melon-Pink Melon, and so on).

However, I give it 2 stars because I found the explaination of the events leading up to marriage, the birth of your child, and the building of the school (pg. 49-50), which events usher in the second half of the game, to be useful. I also found the Requests section useful, although it could have been laid out more efficiently.

In short, my advice on this guide is to skip it. Download a good walkthrough and print it out. It’ll be cheaper, you’ll get a lot more useful info, and it’ll take up fewer pages. If the replacements for the Nintendo Power guides are going to consistantly underperform this badly, gamers may eventually stop buying guides at all (myself included)…

Signed, Pamela T.

PS: To the makers of these guides, seriously, play the game first, and *THEN* sit down to write a guide. Make the data as consice as possible (ie: Don’t space out a table just to make it take up 5 pages instead of 3). Make sure the information is correct and complete (ex: On pg. 38, Roy also likes Potatoes). There should *NEVER* be Question Marks left in the final data tables (like the one in the Greenifier entry on pg. 150). That just doesn’t look professional. (Furthermore, the info is incorrect. A Greenifier increases the level of the crop it is used on, but only if used soon after planting. It has nothing to do with the speed at which crops grow – that’s what Formula A/B/C are for.) Errors like these give the impression that a guide was rushed and not a high priority.
Rating: 2 / 5

this is the worst strategy guide I have ever purchased… it looks like it was sent off to the printers before it was finished. Items are missing from the items list, and some just have question marks, as to their locations in the game. No prices for seeds, no guide to monsters, except for the monsters that will help you on the farm, and only half of those have pictures. Really slipshod attempt….
Rating: 2 / 5

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