Call of Duty: World at War Platinum Hits

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  • Call of Duty: World at War from Activision for the Xbox 360 redefines World War II gameplay
  • Battle against fearless Japanese and German soldiers in epic infantry, vehicle, and airborne missions across Pacific and European locations
  • Best-of-breed visuals, with highly-detailed character models, self-shadowing, environmental lighting and amazing special effects
  • Cooperative campaign gameplay allows up to four players to meet and play online, or a two-player local split-screen co-op
  • Online multiplayer action includes vehicle combat with tanks and a host of improved in-game, statistical features Product Description
Call of Duty: World at War from Activision for the Xbox 360 completely changes the rules of engagement by redefining World War II gameplay. In this edition, players are thrust into the final, tension-filled battles against a new, ferocious enemy in the most dangerous and suspenseful action ever seen in a WWII title. Building on the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare engine, this installment promises to immerse players in gritty, chaotic combat. You’ll have to… More >>

Call of Duty: World at War Platinum Hits

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Call of Duty: World at War is a first-person shooter taking place in the WWII setting once more. I’ve written many long game reviews in the past few weeks, many great games are sprouting their heads. Long awaited and overall great titles have not only sprinkled the holiday season, but draped it. With power house titles left and right, one must really conserve and pick the best. So I’ll keep the details simple, and hopefully you can decide by this.

Fan of “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare”? If so you’ll be in for a warm welcome, this game uses the same interface and multiplayer setup. Expect a pretty good frame rate, and a devastatingly hard campaign mode (for players on the ‘Veteran’ setting that is). In this title you’ll fight as both the Americans and the Russians. Take on admirable Japanese soldiers, or destructive German Nazi troops.

Campaign features two fronts, and a few interesting non-typical levels (a rail based flying level, and a tank powerhouse level). From islands soaked in sun, to rainy city streets you’ll be fighting in a all out war. Additional features included are the ability to use bayonets on rifles, and the all new powerful scorching flame thrower. Bayonets play out basically the same as your standard melee (knife), and the flame thrower can burn up terrain with a decent range. You’ll become acquainted with the staple World War 2 guns once more (M1 Garand, Thompson, PPSH, MP40, Nimbu, Type 100, MG42, BAR, Browning).

Online seekers will find some perks added and some changes in names. Rest assure it’s still the same frantic multiplayer combat, but with some more open ended maps. For players not familiar with ‘perks’, these are implementations to ones character that give additional abilities (and are allowed up to three, ranging in different classes). Dropping grenades upon death, carrying two primary weapons, and having more health, just to name a few. One can pit themselves against a myriad of players and game types to achieve higher ranking, and more weaponry at their disposal. Maps are based off the campaign, and are pretty open ended, but maybe a bit too confusing at times. Tanks have now returned, similar to CoD 3’s tank, except it is a little bit harder to defeat. If you’ve maxed out your rank and feel their is nothing left to do, enter ‘Prestige Mode’. Removing all weapons gained along with perks, and beginning a new with a higher rank symbol. Challenges will be depleted too. Multiplayer has now added dogs in place of helicopters at the seven kill mark. Players can obtain special help after benching the three, five, and seven kill mark without dying. One may find the rigors of battling pros to be frustrating, hop into ‘Boot Camp’ to readily play other beginners. Keep in mind vet players, some perks (cough Juggernaut cough) are just as annoying as ever.

Also available to the multiplayer experience is co-op campaign, and the addicting zombie mode. Co-op campaign is great fun, but be warned achievement junkies, some achieves are nullified in this mode. Zombie mode brings you into less a horror and more a adrenaline rushing doomsday. Up to four players can join and unite themselves in defeating zombies in a worn down base. A currency is used to buy weaponry, and enable usage of other locations in the base. More opened up areas though more zombie accessibility. These staggering zombified Nazis strike in waves. Making things even more difficult and tense is their ability to break in to your base! After each wave players can book it to the nearest entrance/window and board them up for currency and brief security. Once all players have died the game ends and tallies up scores, players can revive fallen team mates though before calling it quits. To say the least, this is one of the funnest options any Call of Duty or game has ever included. It’s also one of the reasons you have to complete the campaign, as it’s only available after completion (oh boy!).

So really World at War doesn’t break any new territory like the previous title had done. Yet it glazes the plateau over with a few new features, and another reason to continue playing multiplayer day after day. You may of noticed a longer description dedicated to multiplayer segments. Essentially this game plays out well in solo go a bouts, but is destined to remain a multiplayer investment. If you are a single player person, hopefully a rental will suffice. In the mean time, thousands of players have made the move to this games online and are definitely enjoying it. So maybe it didn’t go above the call of duty again, but it sure is a fun worthy purchase.

EDIT: I just wanted to add that there are actually four perks available in multiplayer. The additional perk not available in Cod4 is a vehicular perk slot. Also now having logged in a hefty figure of hours, multiplayer overall still seems to be standing as enjoyable. Some glitches have been located, and people are exploiting them. Mainly a glitch that enables a player the ability to get underneath certain maps.

Rating: 5 / 5

Let me say, first off, that I’m rating this game based on their storyline, their zombie game, their online, and their co-op. I have no feelings about the guns, because I mean, it’s WWII. I knew they were going to be nerfed and weakened down. I knew bolt actions would be boosted because so many people whined and whined on the forums about not being a “one shot sniper god”–

Storyline: It’s completely fine. A lot better than CoD3, because you switch back and forth so much between America and Russia against Japan and Germany. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t quite hook me as deeply as CoD4, but then again, I knew basically what was gonna happen in the game- I knew we’d win the war, I knew lots of people would die, and I knew it would all be great and grand in the end with lots of celebrating. CoD4, no, you didn’t know anything that was gonna happen next, that’s how they hooked you. You can’t complain about this storyline just because you can “foreshadow” your HISTORICAL victory. Honestly.

Nazi Zombies: Upon beating campaign on any difficulty, you unlock the bonus mode, “Nazi Zombies” where you’re trapped in a building by yourself or with friends and you, yeah, fight off hordes of zombies as long as you can. Is it fun? Not by yourself, unless you’re one of those people that like being alone… When you’re with a group of 4, with 3 friends, yeah, I personally have tons and tons of fun. Nothing quite like laughing while you poke your gun at a crawling zombie with no legs that keeps trying to bite you. I’ve had more fun with the Nazi Zombies mode than I have with CoD4 multiplayer & CoD5 multiplayer put together. It’s just fun, luck, and skill.

Online Multiplayer: Here’s where the game lost a star in the “fun” part of this rating… Online Multiplayer is without a doubt… boring. It’s basically if I can pull my trigger before you, I kill you. If you pull yours before me, you kill me… let down :/ The spawn points are as said earlier… really messed up. I recall playing a match recently with tanks on the level. The other team had all 4 tanks, and they had parked their tanks outside of my team’s spawn. Basically, when we so much as tried to leave our spawn, we were tanked down. It was horrible. Sniping is so much more aggrivating than CoD4… Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate having to earn my own sniper scope. THAT is fair, no sarcasm or anything. I feel you should show skill before just jumping in with a scope and going ‘YEAH I RULE’ However– I don’t agree with a bunch of kids that haven’t hit puberty yet putting Stopping Power and Steady Aim on their class and just basically spraying with a bolt action and getting insta-kills. THAT makes me mad.

Co-op: You can’t complain about their co-op. They give you the option to play storymode with friends, they give you the option to fight together, they give you the option to NOT fight alone. Is it perfect? Not really- only because I don’t approve of having one teammate die and the rest of the team fails because of it. That’s my only dislike in the co-op. I personally enjoy playing with my friends on xbox live or split-screen :) .

That’s it. It’s a decent game. If you enjoyed CoD4 because of style, graphics, and playing with friends– get this game. If you enjoyed CoD4 simply for the storyline and ‘pwning’ people on multiplayer with your ultra awesome skill that no one in the world could ever hope to match… I’d recommend staying a no-lifer on CoD4, because this game would just make you mad.

Oh, and by the way- The game is not “too dark” If you use your brain and go to OPTIONS in the pause menu… you can adjust how dark or bright the game is. People are so clueless sometimes. It’s like calling tech support and when they tell you to turn the off switch to on you reply with, “oh…”
Rating: 4 / 5

A lot of people are saying this is strikingly similar to COD4: Modern Warfare, and it is. That’s what’s good about it. COD4 was one of the best games. There were so many battles of WW2 that they need to keep making games like this. All in all, this is a very fun game, of course the single player is a little easy, but still fun. The multiplayer online and even coop are amazing features. Really, I’d suggest this to someone who got burnt out on COD4 but still wanna have just as much fun playing it with a new feel.
Rating: 5 / 5

I bought my xbox 360 with Modern Warefare 2, but I gotta say that World of War was a great game too! sure its not MW2, but they did a good job with it, and the online play is entertaining as well.
Rating: 5 / 5

When I first played call of duty 3 i was disappointed. not just because infity ward did not make the game but the fact that it felt chopped up and meshed together in order to get it done before the released. i was a little nervous about world of war being the same result. however, triade may have learn from it’s mistakes and actually created a very powerful game.

Let’s get this out of the way first. yes, it’s another WW2 game, bit of a step back for Call of Duty after the mega hit, COD 4. but this game focuses on the war of the pacific with the marines and the final push russia made into germany. both these conflicts give a new breath of life for the already cluttered WW2 franchise, exploring campaigns that were barely touched on.

the single player is truley brutal and harsh. if you’re just a casual player like i am, you’re going to feel very exhausted after each fight and ambush. each level feels like a battle of survival as if you’re actually there in the trenches.

after single player mode there is your multiplayer with everything you’d expect from COD and also an arcade mode called nazi zombies. it’s what it sounds like.

over all, WOR is a very brutal game that’ll leave you very satisfied and exhausted from the overwhelming enemies. i gave it 4 stars due to going back to the WW2 franchise than forwards to a modern conflict.
Rating: 4 / 5

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