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Tips to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming (Part 1)

Windows 10 has become the favorite operating system for gamers thanks to its ability to offer better game performance and faster frame rates, as well as support native and retro games, have a Game Mode, and much more. But this is not that simple, we need to know the useful tips to optimize Windows 10 for gaming in order to make games run faster on our PC. Now, let’s have a look at them.

Use Windows 10 Game Mode

The first thing we want to suggest is to enable the game mode on our PC, which is used to improve the gaming experience by providing more system resources to games. It can help us to get a bit extra out of the hardware during high-intensity gaming sessions.

To use the game mode on our PC, follow these steps:

  • Press the hotkey Win + I to open the Settings app.
  • Go to Gaming > Game Mode and turn on the mode.

Upgrade to an SSD

Although upgrading an HDD to SSD can’t drastically improve the game performance, it is helpful in terms of reducing the loading times. In the present, games take more and more disk space and upgrading an HDD to an SSD can be a time-saver as the loading times can go down from 30-40 seconds to 2-3. This is significant for gaming.

If you have an adequate budget, you can prepare an SSD and then use MiniTool ShadowMaker – a professional SSD cloning software – to clone HDD to the SSD. And then, install the SSD to the computer.

Prevent Steam Auto-Updating Games

Like Windows Update, Steam auto-updates are also a problem that you need to prevent. The auto-update feature on Steam can update all the games including games that you haven’t played for a long time. This can affect the PC memory and slow down the gaming processes. You can prevent Steam from automatically updating games in order to make Windows 10 faster by following these steps:

  • Launch Steam and go to Steam > Settings > Downloads.
  • Uncheck the box of Allow downloads during gameplay.

Evoplay entertainment launches Dungeon: Immortal Evil slot game

Online casino game developer Evoplay Entertainment heralded the launch of Dungeon: Immortal Evil.

According to the official press release of European Gaming Media and Events, the casino creator shared that the launch came after more than a year of research and development as well as the 2018 launch of the 5-roll virtual reality theme game and 40 payment rows Necromancer.

Unlike most traditional video slot machines, Evoplay Entertainment claims that the new Dungeon: Immortal Evil does not have the usual pay patterns and pay symbols. Instead, it challenges the player according to the avatar when fighting a selection of three-dimensional monsters.

Enter The Dungeon: Immortal Evil - Evoplay Entertainment Kicks Off ...

This is the first role-playing video game in the RPG slots industry. The developer also explained that any subsequent wins would help fans accumulate in-game rewards such as upgraded weapons, armor, and health tanks that can later be converted into cash prizes.

Ivan Kravchuk, CEO of Evoplay, used a press release to announce that the first Dungeon: Immortal Evil adventure video slot machine was designed with HTML5 technology to ensure perfect compatibility with the mobile devices. So, you can play handheld games, and all wins and losses are based on a random number generation algorithm regardless of skill or knowledge.

The statement from Kravchuk said: “Evoplay Entertainment, we are always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what can happen when playing games. The result of more than a year of dedication from our awesome team, Dungeon: Immortal Evil, designed for the next generation of players who value a great experience beyond shooting and winning the classic”.

The Malta online casino game developer, Evoplay Entertainment, recently announced an agreement in which the entire game portfolio will be integrated into Serbia’s domain,

Play Free Dungeon - Immortal Evil Game

According to the official press release released by European Gaming Media and Events on Tuesday, the iGaming Mozzartbet Malta Limited operator agreement will cover the entire portfolio of over 90 slot machine games, instant games, and table games are provided to players through licensed websites of Serbia, Malta, Macedonia and Romania.

Vladimir Malakchi, Business Development Director of Evoplay Entertainment, used the press release to declare that the alliance with was added to reinforce his company’s global footprint after entering the United Kingdom market.

Apple rejects Facebook Gaming app from the iOS App Store

Apple has rejected the submission of the Facebook Gaming platform from the iOS App Store at least five times since February.

According to a new report from the New York Times, the Facebook team is not surprised by Apple’s decision because they have been unsuccessfully to try to launch the Facebook Gaming app on the App Store since February.

Amid coronavirus lockdown restrictions, Facebook announced its Facebook Gaming app back in April. The free app, available on Android, lets users play simple HTML5 games with friends as well as watch live streams of other players.

The New York Times reported that Facebook submitted the app to Apple in February. It was denied on the Section 4.7 of Apple’s guidelines, prohibiting HTML5 games in a store or store-like interface.

After the original rejection, Facebook has changed the design of the app in some ways, including removing categories, colorful icons, and the ability to sort games. Apple  said no to each of those submissions.

Facebook is reportedly “weighing its next move,” which might include launching Facebook Gaming without any game at all or with games that are harder to find. That might leave only the social networking aspects and gaming streams of the app.

The report comes amid ongoing antitrust scrutiny for Apple and its App Store dealings. The Cupertino tech giant is presently the target of a Justice Department probe into its App Store practices.

Apple has also generated some controversy for reportedly pressuring the email app Hey with the aim of adding in-app purchase options for subscriptions – a capability it lacked to skirt its 30% App Store fees.

Meanwhile, Apple has its own gaming service in the form of Apple Arcade, a $4.99-per-month subscription which allows users to play exclusive titles on iPad, iPhone, Mac, and other devices in Apple’s lineup.

Top easy-to-learn games to play with non-gamer friends (part 2)

5. Pummel Party

Pummel Party is the perfect party game developed and published by Rebuilt Games. You can play with your friends in groups of four to eight players. Pummel Party is a collection of fun and competitive mini games that you and your friends can enjoy for hours. Dig three dimensionally in Sandy Search to find the treasure, and ensure you are not holding the bomb as it goes off in Explosive Exchange.

Pummel Party is available on Steam for $14.99.

6. BattleBlock Theater

Developed and published by The Behemoth, BattleBlock Theater is an absurd, funny and challenging game that you can play solo, or even better, co-op with another friend. You can’t escape this theater. All you can do is to jump on stage, solve puzzles and battle through a mysterious theater inhabited by highly technological felines. BattleBlock Theater puts you in a stupid and hilarious world that you can’t get enough of. But lucky for you, there is another gem from The Behemoth in this list, coming right up!

BattleBlock Theater is available on Steam for $14.99.

7. Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is another game developed by The Behemoth. In addition to an intriguing campaign, the game has a fun PvP multiplayer arena that you can compete with your friends and enjoy the cartoonish art style and funny characters of the game. Either way you prefer to play, this is a great game to introduce to your friends.

Castle Crashers is available on Steam for $14.99.

8. Don’t Starve Together

If you haven’t heard about Don’t Starve, you have missed out on one of the best indie games of the last five years. Don’t Starve Together is the stand-alone multiplayer version of this popular survival game developed and published by Klei Entertainment. Play with your friends and explore the wilderness of the game, gather resources and face different challenges. The goal of the game is obvious: don’t starve!

You can buy two copies of Don’t Starve Together from Steam for $14.99.

Top easy-to-learn games to play with non-gamer friends (part 1)

People worldwide are facing some difficulties, with some cities being on social distancing or lockdown measures in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this article, I will introduce a list of some easy to learn PC games that everyone can play from the safety of their homes. So gather your friends in voice chat and get into these games and have fun together.

1. UNO

UNO, the classic card game that any gamer might have known and loved, is available as an online multiplayer game. Offering in-game video chat support, UNO may be the perfect choice to start with non-gamer friends. You can choose the classic format or custom matches with some new amazing features to explore.

2. Brawlhalla

Developed by Blue Mammoth Games and published by Ubisoft, Brawlhalla is a free-to-play platform fighting multiplayer game. With cross-platform support, Brawlhalla can be played by a group of 8 players online in ranked matches, casual free-for-all, and much more. Although it seems to be a hard game to master for new players, the graphics and animations make it really fun for everyone. Moreover, it’s a free game on PS4, Steam, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One, so it’s perfect entertainment both for gamers and non-gamers.

3. SpeedRunners

Developed by DoubleDutch Games and published by tinyBuild, SpeedRunners is a 2D multiplayer running game. It puts 4 players against each other. You run, swing, jump and use the weapons and objects that you can find in your way in order to knock your friends out of the race. SpeedRunners offers fun and competitive gameplay in different maps.

4. Golf With Your Friends

Developed by Blacklight Interactive, Golf With Your Friends has got many updates over the years with the developers always taking in feedback from players in order to improve the game. Now, it is set to officially come out of Early Access in the second quarter of this year, but you can still get and enjoy it right now. You can play Golf With Your Friends with up to 12 friends at different levels. It also allows players to create their own golf course in the game’s level editor.

The horror game Silent Hill is remade after many years of sleep

Quite a few sources are suggesting that restarting the Silent Hill series is currently in progress. Another rumor about Silent Hill has appeared, suggesting that Konami and Sony have teamed up for a game in progress.

Quite a few sources are suggesting that restarting the Silent Hill series is currently in progress and has been for a while so far. Konami and Sony are said to be working together on the project, in addition to having some returning members of the original Silent Hill production team.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Silent Hill

This reboot is also thought to be the result of Konami’s final decision from various developers joining Sony. So if this new rumor about Silent Hill is true, then Sony clearly won in this bidding war. However, if it is true, this information may not be confirmed until a major disclosure event ensues. And right now it’s hard to know when that will happen.

Rumors suggest that development is currently taking place at SIE Japan Studio. It currently includes members of Project Siren, also known as the development team behind the survival Siren horror series.

If all those rumors are true, then this is really a great excitement for Silent Hill fans. All of the above names combined will create an extremely blockbuster horror game. Of course, people should consider these rumors not really reliable until they are confirmed or denied.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Silent Hill

Assuming that is true, the next question is when the news may be officially announced by Sony or Konami. It would make sense for Sony to announce it during the major PS5 disclosure event being planned. But even so, that event had no set date yet. Perhaps we will need some time to wait.

If nothing else, both sources seem to be taking this rumor seriously. That means Silent Hill fans may just have to wait a few more months to get confirmation of this. Whether it is true or not, Konami at least has an idea for a brand.

Try Countersnipe – the new PvP sniper game

Countersnipe is a new multiplayer PvP mobile sniper game that has just debuted on both Google Play and App Store platforms. Countersnipe’s scale is relatively small in terms of the number of players that can participate. You will team up with 3 other players to fight with a group of four other people.

They try to plan, make a shot without revealing your own position. Because after every shot, your position will create a ray of light.

Thử ngay Countersnipe - Game bắn tỉa PvP mới lạ, ngộ nhĩnh trên nền tảng di động - Ảnh 3.

Take down the enemy and disappear like a ghost, no one knows where the shot came from, no one knows where you came from. Otherwise you will be the next to lie down.

In addition to your precise skill set, you need to have a keen eye to determine enemy positions.

Countersnipe currently has 3 maps for you to explore and combine with a total of hundreds of hiding places. You will appear in a random position at each match.

Thử ngay Countersnipe - Game bắn tỉa PvP mới lạ, ngộ nhĩnh trên nền tảng di động - Ảnh 1.

So no two matches will be the same and you will probably take some time getting used to them all. In addition, the level is also randomly appear with destroyable objects. Just as you can use to confuse your enemies and give yourself an advantage.

And of course, there are dozens of sniper guns offered to satisfy your passion for guns. They will be divided into 5 levels to enable damage and all can be upgraded in many ways. Each gun can also be equipped with different attached accessories.

So there are many ways for you to customize the gameplay to suit your style as you want to put the highest damage in one way. shoot or want a gun that has a fast load time to fire as many shots as possible. Similarly, your character can also be upgraded such as hairstyle, costumes

Compare Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is expected to be released in the near future. Among the names that this game must face in the market is none other than PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile are two of the hottest battle royale games in the world today with a huge number of players. Although Call of Duty Mobile is not strictly about survival, however, the battle royale mode of this game is really worth attention.

In general, Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile have some similarities, but the difference is what needs to be compared between these two games, such as characters, media and game modes. And also see if this game will win.

So sánh Free Fire và Call of Duty Mobile: Ai sẽ trở thành tựa game bắn súng quốc dân tại Việt Nam? - Ảnh 2.

Free Fire is a smaller mobile game and is easily compatible with many phones today. This game can be run on devices requiring only 1Gb or more of RAM. The total size after installation is about 600MB, much lighter than Call of Duty Mobile. Therefore, the device responds well to Call of Duty Mobile which needs a RAM capacity of 2Gb or more.

However, this is easily explained because Call of Duty Mobile has more features than Free Fire. A match in Free Fire is shorter with only 50 players. Meanwhile, 100 players will participate in a match in Call of Duty Mobile.

So sánh Free Fire và Call of Duty Mobile: Ai sẽ trở thành tựa game bắn súng quốc dân tại Việt Nam? - Ảnh 3.

Clearly, Call of Duty Mobile has more realistic graphics and sound. If you’ve played Free Fire, you’ll find that the graphics in Free Fire are relatively simple, especially the sound system is not as realistic as what is reproduced in Call of Duty Mobile.

The costume system in Call of Duty Mobile is also built close to real life. On the contrary, costumes in Free Fire are more unique, sometimes there are “accessories” like pets in the game, for example. Finally, the way the characters in Call of Duty Mobile move smoother, more real

Journey “revenge” of an innocent creature in the game Darkborn

Developer The Outsiders has just introduced the first gameplay of Darkborn. This is a first-person action-fantasy fantasy game formerly known as Project Wight. In this game, players will take on the role of a creature hunted by humans instead of heroes to save the world. Darkborn is expected to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC systems.

The player plays an innocent creature hunted by a group of pirates with a resemblance to the Vikings, called The Pale Enemy. These hunters torture, kill and perform horrific sacrifices on the blood and dead bodies of the creatures in Darkborn.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Darkborn

During the course of the game, you will experience the lives of generations of Darkborn. Indignation and resentment motivate you to take revenge on The Pale Enemy to erase the horrible memories of witnessing what your fellow human beings have to endure.

He just woke up after a nightmare. The sight of the orcs and the human army clashes on the battlefield as the sky burned above them.

It is shown in a great way. This battle took place in an early ancestor of today’s famous Blizzard cinema. But unlike in the previous two games, there is no glory for it. The old morally simple battles are recorded in the language of regret. The revised old victory is crazy cyclically.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Darkborn

We can see the horror on his face at first, and then the sadness. And just like that, Warcraft orcs are given something they never really had before.

Generally for a party but probably will eventually kill each other. Disposable. Bad on tactics but too much for it really matters. Disposable. Just good enough to fight to make our heroes look cool, but never good enough to pose a real threat.

However, this is not what makes them love and endure. Sure, they are often hilarious. Mostly fearless. But they are also permanent bystanders. Sometimes, like the teased giants of Warhammer 40,000 and Blizzard. They are punished.

Epic Games Store offers free 12 titles on the Holiday Sale 2019

In parallel with the Holiday Sale 2019 event that has hit the floor of a series of top games, Epic Games Store also has the program “12 Days of Free Games”. They release 12 games for free from now until the end of 2019, one game every day.

On the first day, Epic Games Store distributed free Into the Breach turn-based strategy game. The game features a minimalist 8-bit graphic style and comes from the famous Subset Games studio with Faster Than Light that has stormed the gaming community.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Epic Games Store

and the next day there will be another game to take the place of the previous game. Therefore, you should remember regular every day to not miss any game.

In the past, Epic Games Store also had a weekly free game program. and every week is a good game, so I think this 12-day free round will not be a bad game.

Have fun playing games, and do not forget to browse the list of hit games that are on the floor in the Epic Games Store. Game exclusivity is the most discussed part of Epic Games’ plan to attract gamers to their platform. Game after game, there seems to be no end to the number of games that turn to exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Epic Games Store

Both The Wild Wilds and Metro Exodus meet as a moment when released on the Epic Games Store. The fact that Epic Games is not the only platform that follows its proprietary path of titles.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been doing this for years and they continue to do so. In their case, however, the exclusivity is much more limited than the similar agreement between Epic Games Store and Steam or GOG. Epic Games has shown that they provide greater support to independent game developers and they also provide a better revenue share than Steam.

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