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How eSports Is Changing The Game

eSports has taken the world by storm in recent years where millions of fans tune in to witness their favourite teams battle it out online while playing their favourite games. The gaming events for eSports are increasing in popularity, with thousands of spectators from across the globe making their way to several events to witness the fierce competition. With so many fans flooding to these spectacular tournaments, game events have recently been hosted in popular football stadiums, while millions of fans also tune in online.

What Exactly Is eSports?

eSports is essentially a broad term that describes organised, competitive online computer gaming. It’s often played by professionals or world-class teams with a decent fan following. eSports has existed as early as 1970 where a group of young individuals sat around an Atari console. It managed to explode in popularity since then with larger events taking place every year as the crowds just keep in growing. The eSports phenomenon now caters to 40,000 fans within a football stadium along with millions more that stream it online. The most popular games include Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Half-Life 3.

How Big Is eSports?

The eSports events scale can easily be matched with traditional sports like basketball, cricket, and football. Each eSport event is sold out in a matter of days or hours and those that are unable to make it to the event simply stream it online. Its estimated that by 2020 there will be over 70 million people watching the eSports final.


It should come as no surprise that these massive eSports events bring in quite a few sponsorships too. Coke Zero started a partnership with Riot Games in 2014 with their Challenger series. The Challenger series is basically designed for amateurs to try and get a spot in the professional league. Nissan has partnered up with League of Legends, Red Bull has joined forces with Dota 2, and there are many other sports betting companies that are joining the honeypot when it comes to eSports

What About Money?

The winners of these competitions don’t just walk away with a shiny metal cup or an esteemed title. They also manage to rake in enormous paychecks as each event will feature a large prize pool that is up for grabs for the best gamers in the world. During The International Dota event of 2015, the Evil Geniuses managed to walk away with a staggering $6.6 million in prize money. Syed Sumail Hassan, a 16-year-old team member of the Evil Geniuses, managed to make himself #1.33 million richer from one single event.

The tournament based out of Seattle was initially launched as early as 2011 and is considered a major worldwide event for Dota fans across the globe. The Dota tournament provides a total prize pool of more than $18 million for the winners. That’s mightily impressive for playing video games.

Exciting Video Games for 2018

2018 is already an extremely strong year for gaming as many highly-anticipated games have made an impact in the industry, while there’s still loads to come before the year comes to an end. Below, you will find the best games for 2018 along with a handful of upcoming releases that is still to come.

Octopath Traveller

Most RPG’s only feature one protagonist, but the latest production from Acquire/Square Enix will come with a total of 8. Each of them will have different talents and skills along with their own interconnected and unique storyline. It’s up to you to create a party and enjoy the adventure with the game’s HD-2D style graphics, mixing 3D graphics with mixing pixel sprites for a truly unique blend of modern and retro styles. As a traditional Japanese RPG, you can enjoy detailed storytelling and turn-based combat.

Warhammer: Vermintide II

After three long years, the sequel is set to arrive to improve and polish what was already a marvellous 4-player cooperative game where players fought against a horde of rat-men featuring various abilities and weapons. The environment that draws from the Warhammer universe will produce an atmospheric world which will be set during the last days on moody and dark maps.


Life is Strange is what made Dontnod Entertainment with their version of a supernatural story, but since then, the company took a sharp turn to develop an action-packed RPG that is based on vampires during the early 20th century. You’ll take the role of a doctor that has been infected with the weaknesses and powers of a vampire. You will need to fight your way through several undead enemies and decide if you will embrace or suppress your new identity.

Mario Tennis Aces

The series first made its appearance on Switch, with Aces adding loads of brand-new features to this incredible arcade sports game which makes it a far more compelling and interesting experience both online and offline. The game will feature new special moves like a super meter for ultimate techniques and a way to defend tricky shots. If you want a story mode, you will be pleased to know that you’ll also find one in this game.

God of War

There’s been an arsenal of improvements and changes made to the latest God of War release when you compare it to the previous games from Santa Monica Studio. More inspiration has been incorporated from RPG’s along with side quests in an open world. You will also find more weapons and more upgrades as you are joined by Kratos’ son who will fight with his own unique abilities. The Greek setting has also been replaced by Norse mythology to keep things fresh.


With a mere 60 seconds to take action every day before being sent back to the start, this game can be extremely frustrating. However, Minit from Devolver Digital is, in fact, an extremely fun and exciting puzzle game with a retro RPG atmosphere. Thankfully, the most important events will remain permanent, and you’ll find loads of alternative routes and shortcuts to save time and pursue your goals.

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