The strong development of technology devices, especially new phones with powerful configurations, can give users a great experience when used in work and entertainment. That opened up a new trend for game developers to build mobile games. To help you understand the difference between mobile game programming and PC, we share some technical and financial differences of these two programming directions.

Lập trình game mobile và PC

Human resources for a game programming project is the point that you can easily see in the programming company or any other company. For PC game programming, there will be about 15 to 30 for a project, with many details, so it requires a lot of manpower, on the contrary, games on phones are often good. The focus on entertainment is higher than the visual effects in the game so they are usually easy to perform with a team of 3 to 5 people.

Ngân sách lập trình game mobile và PC

One of the strengths of mobile games compared to PCs is the cost to run a project, a mobile game only costs about $ 100,000 of the company’s budget, while PC games cost millions to complete. You can make it into a project for quite a long time. In the past, mobile game projects were very low-cost, but the explosion of technology devices. Especially powerful smartphones supporting heavier games, along with requirements for game quality also increased quite a lot so the cost may vary.

One of the drawbacks of PC games is that the time it takes to develop a new game usually takes 2-3 years. Meanwhile, mobile games may only take a few months to develop a complete, professional game and hit the market. That is why mobile games are usually popular for a short time and quickly lose their position due to more copies and new, more attractive games. However, the low budget, short implementation time, low demand for human resources are still the advantages that make mobile game programming flourish.