The Chinese community is arguing when there is a game similar to League of Legends Mobile

A MOBA game that has just appeared in China has caused a huge controversy among the gaming community because it is too similar to the famous MOBA game – League of Legends.

A few days ago, China’s QQ news site posted a piece of information related to a brand new MOBA game that was about to be released on mobile and promised to bring new experiences to fans, titled Arena of Glory.

Arena of Glory (also known as Kings of Glory or Heroes of Dawn) was officially open for trial from August 26 to September 1.

However, the most remarkable thing is that this game developed by JJ World has many similarities with League of Legends, from the map design style to the game interface. League of Legends is a game developed by Tencent. Since its launch, this game has become one of the most notable games in the esports arena. You can find out the betting details of this game through the sports betting podcast or bookmakers’ esports.

Arena of Glory is taking a lot of time to develop, but the elements inside this game have quite a lot of details imitating the predecessor of League of Legends Mobile, from the interface of the product waiting to General equipment shows that this game has probably taken a lot of ideas from China’s number 1 MOBA game.

Even when experiencing, many gamers have discovered that Arena of Glory’s general system plagiarizes many general skills from a variety of different MOBA titles. Some gamers have pointed out that a champion’s skill set in Arena of Glory has many similarities with 4-5 champions of League of Legends.

Suppose you compare this game with League of Legends. In that case, the player can also see many coincidences, from the location of grass distributed in the forest and lane, to the ambulance bag mechanism behind the mid lane, as well as the System Ping warning of Arena of Glory will make many people think that this is League of Legends.

Of course, the game Arena of Glory is still receiving a lot of attention from gamers, with hundreds of thousands of users registered to experience in the first few days. Of course, there are compliments and others, but the early successes of Arena of Glory can also be considered relatively successful in the competitive MOBA game market at the moment.