Top Ten Funniest Games for Girls in 2020 (part 3)

Life is Strange

Life is Strange is highly recommended for female gamers who watch teen dramas such as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The 100, or Riverdale.

This video game follows a student who has to deal with her personal drama at the same time trying to make sense of a mysterious power allowing her to turn back time.

The game focuses on dialog options with other characters that can be used to solve mysteries and develop relationships. However, there’s also some enjoyable exploration of the beautifully-rendered environments in the game.

There are several examples of dialog that seem like the writer is trying a little too hard to sound trendy, but in general, the writing is solid and makes up the illusion of interacting with a real teen drama on TV.

My Little Riding Champion

My Little Riding Champion is the fantasy fulfilment for girls with the dream of owning a horse. This game allows players to customize their physical appearance and choose their own race horse. The game focuses strongly on getting the players to bond with their horse as well as teaches them how to look after it rather than simply treating it as a status object.

However, there is some fun things with numerous competitions to take part in and an open-world that players can explore freely on horseback.

We Sing Pop!

We Sing Pop! is the ideal game for sleepover parties. It is also the best karaoke video game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 after Just Sing game of Ubisoft was canned in 2018.

Featuring a huge library of 30 popular songs accompanied by HD videos and karaoke subtitles, We Sing Pop! can turn any PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console into a karaoke machine.

Besides the regular karaoke mode, this game also features other seven modes for competitive multiplayer karaoke sessions, in which singer can compete against singer or team against team.